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There are probably thousands of tips for the HCG diet plan; a lot of people have ideas on how to improve it or amplify it or make it more comfortable. Our tips go in the other direction. This diet is one of a kind. It has been in existence for nearly half a century; it was created by a physician after extensive research; and it involves the harmless and creative use of one of nature’s powerful human hormones. It’s a great diet program, and after fifty years it has proven its value, so improvements probably aren’t necessary. Use some of the newer nutritional options to make the experience more interesting, and you’ll have an effective weight loss experience.

1) Understand the HCG protocol. It’s important to grasp how the HCG hormone is creating the opportunity for your body to shed the fat that you want to lose. The HCG guide is a great resource! The man who discovered the weight loss impact of HCG and invented the diet plan identified a natural substance that helps your body target the right tissues for manufacturing calories.

2) Make fluid consumption work for you. The HCG diet calls for ample consumption of calorie-free fluids – it’s the one thing you can put in your stomach for which there is no limit. In fact the original HCG protocol calls for two liters a day of water, tea or coffee. A steady consumption of liquid can help with hunger pangs.

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3) Make diet variety a goal. There are hundreds of HCG recipes today; one of the ways to make your pursuit of rapid weight loss less difficult is to put some variety into those things that you are allowed to consume. Take advantage of the inventive recipes found in the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook and other places so that you have something to look forward to at dinnertime, even though it’s limited.

4) Eat foods that are effective hunger suppressants. Working within the HCG diet guidelines isn’t easy, but there are some options that can be more effective than others for controlling hunger. In theory, the use if HCG will help control hunger. In practice, an apple is probably the most effective hunger suppressant of all the fruits. Find similar options with the vegetables and meats.

5) Begin to taper on day one. The HCG diet plan allows for unlimited eating during the first two days after the daily intake of HCG has begun. The inventor of the HCG protocol even suggested consuming fatty foods for those who had been on previous diets. But heading into a severe diet by gorging for two days can’t be very productive. Start your diet with a diet mindset.

6) Don’t cut corners on the end of your cycle. After your HCG cycle has ended, the diet plan calls for eating at the 500 calories per day level for three more days, until the hormone is out of your system. It’s a medical point worth considering valid after all the effort you’ve put into losing those pounds.

7) There’s a reason for the HCG phases. It takes twenty six injections or ingestions of HCG to be effective; it loses its effectiveness after forty consecutive uses. So continuing with the HCG diet plan straight through is not going to work. The cycles have a purpose.

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8 ) The mix of foods is crucial. You may set aside the apple and eat an extra bread stick without changing calorie intake, but it will compromise the effectiveness of the diet. Each element of the HCG diet plan is there for a reason; it is best to leave all of them in place.

9) Ignore the suggestions for cheating. There’s a lot of blogging about the HCG diet, and there’s a lot to be learned from the experiences of others. But it is best to ignore the suggestions for substitutions or changes in the timing of the HCG protocol as devised by its inventor. Stick with a proven program.

10) Stay busy! Don’t sit on the couch and watch TV. There is nothing harder than sitting on the couch inactive! Do your laundry, water the plants, take the dog for a walk. Keeping moving will keep your mind clear and cause you not to think about your diet!

You’re going to feel different. Expect some light headedness, perhaps some headaches, you may even lose your appetite briefly. This is a proven program but it’s a radical diet. Expect your body to respond accordingly, and don’t worry about it unless you have recurring symptoms that shouldn’t be there such as nausea or chronic pain of some sort.

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