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HCG Weight Loss Maintenance – Techniques to Keep the Weight Off

There is a danger with every diet plan that after the diet has been followed to its conclusion that the pounds will instantly pack back on. Although this is less likely after the HCG diet, because of its positive effects in regulating metabolism, it may still be something that is worth taking a look into in order to be sure that you are able to keep up the initial results. For the best tips in HCG weight loss maintenance, you will want to think about how to fit in an exercise routine into your life, as well as focus on the foods that you are eating.

One reason that the HCG protocol is so successful to begin with is not only because of the use of HCG, but also because when you are on such a restricted diet, you have cut out all processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. Those are the empty calories that will lead not only to weight gain but also to general malaise and bad health. For HCG weight loss maintenance, it’s a good idea to continue avoiding all of these items even when you are back up to a regular 1500 or 2000 calorie diet.

One factor that tends to make this easier in terms of HCG weight loss maintenance is that many people find that after they have cut out unhealthy or processed foods, they no longer crave them anymore. Because the program lasts for a full six weeks, it helps ensure that you have had time to wean yourself away from the addictive properties of too much sodium, refined sugars, carbohydrates, and alcohol. Substituting sugary sodas with yerba mate or green tea will give you that rush of caffeine to get you going throughout the day, with metabolism boosting properties at the same time.

It’s also a good idea as part of any HCG weight loss maintenance program to continue eating lean proteins, which keep you full for longer than other items. White fish and grilled chicken are highly recommended, especially if you are working out. Getting regular massages is another good way to reduce stress and feel like you are treating yourself, without the addition of food to your day. One final factor that is important to remember is that this type of diet plan can be followed up to four times in a row, so if you feel that you have lapsed, you can always repeat the treatment.

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