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HCG Injection Questions – Benefits of the HCG Diet

HCG Diet InformationOne of the most interesting yet historically controversial diet plans, the HCG diet has no shortage of mystery that surrounds it. Before beginning this type of program, it’s highly recommended to find answers to any HCG injection questions that you may have in your mind. That includes specific questions about how HCG works for many people, as well as what foods you can and cannot eat on this type of diet. Many people will also be curious about the potential side effects, or how their own body will react to use of any HCG injections.

A common category of HCG injection questions is how to adapt to the huge dietary change of going from a 2000 calorie per day diet, or what is considered a normal caloric need, down to only 500 calories per day. There are certain strategies that are incorporated into the HCG diet plan that can help ease this transition, as the body needs some time to adjust to the restrictions. The doctors that formulated this dietary plan suggest that it takes at least three days for the body to accept the HCG and have it start working on the fat that is stored up in the body.

Another facet of the HCG diet plan that is usually covered in any list of HCG injection questions is how often the injections must be administered. In some cases, these are given on a daily basis for a period of six weeks. Others will want to simply follow this plan for a week at a time. It’s recommended to give the body at least a few days to adjust to the effects of HCG, as results will not be seen immediately. After six weeks of use, you then need to give your body a break for the same amount of time for the plan to work most effectively.

Figuring out answers to all of these HCG injection questions is a matter of researching the subtle differences in between diet plans, and then reading online reviews from other users. There may be specific HCG diet tips that can help increase how effective one plan is, such as the addition of fat-burning compounds other than the HCG, such as green tea extract. Safety should always come first in any of these diet plans, so it’s highly recommended to first seek out the advice of a health care professional before signing up for any of these programs.

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