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HCG Diet Recipes – Best Foods to Eat on the HCG Diet

HCG Diet InformationOne way to get in an appropriate amount of daily protein while sticking to the HCG diet recipes is to eat two servings each day of lean meat. This could be beef or chicken, although fish is highly recommended for its low calorie content. By grilling fish or chicken, with the fat removed, you can have a low calorie protein source that will keep you going for hours. A good seasoning choice for either of these grilled meats is lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and cayenne pepper. The combination of lemon juice and cayenne pepper is one that is seen in a number of diet recipes, for their ability to help with detoxification efforts.

Other herbs that are frequently used in HCG diet recipes include parsley and ginger. These help cleanse the liver, and add flavor to the meal without adding in any extra calories. Ginger root tea is a good way to cleanse the system while gaining a boost of energy at the same time. Some of the main vegetables that are used for these recipes include carrots, tomatoes, chard, kale, and spinach. Not only are green vegetables a good source of important vitamins and nutrients, but they also are extremely low in calories and help fight the effects of aging.

Making soups or clear vegetable broths with a minimum of sodium and a high volume of vegetables is a way to stay full with HCG diet recipes without gaining any extra calories. During the HCG diet, the focus falls away from the food, but it’s still a good idea to make food that can be easily varied, which you will be more likely to stick to. Using herbal teas and coffee as a way to stay full is also a common variation in between meals.

To aid with these HCG diet recipes and ensure that you feel satisfied with the diet plan, many of the latest additions to the protocol include herbal supplements, metabolism boosting vitamins, and appetite suppressants. What will not be included in any diet recipes on this plan are processed ingredients, refined sugar, or carbohydrates. These are to be avoided, not only because they are higher in calories, but also because they take away from the main focus of the diet. Many diet plans will come with an HCG diet cook book full of these recipes, which can be mixed and matched for the most satisfactory results.

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