HCG Diet Information

25 Tips for Surviving the HCG Diet Protocol

HCG Diet InformationTry to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. If you’re an avid drinker of bottled water, that would equal 4 16.9 oz (0.5 L) bottles of water per day.

  1. Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages while you’re on the diet.
  2. Try cooking enough HCG-friendly food for the entire family to enjoy; that way, it won’t seem like you’re on a diet.
  3. Get rid of the food that’s not on your diet to reduce the temptation to cheat.
  4. Plan your meals in advance, either by the day or by the week.

  5. If you are craving a dessert of some kind, eat one of your fruit servings as dessert.
  6. Use Stevia as a sweetener to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  7. Portion-control your food by prepackaging it into the right serving amounts beforehand.
  8. Try to find a HCG recipe book, full of tasty recipes designed with the HCG dieter in mind.

10. If you prefer a larger breakfast than just tea or coffee, consider having one of your fruit or protein servings instead.

11. Dry skin is a typical side effect of the diet, so use oil-free lotion to keep yourself moisturized.

12. Schedule your HCG drops or injections at the same time every day so your body gets used to it and maintain hormonal balance.

13. If you have a favorite vegetable or two, try incorporating them into your diet to make meal planning easier.

14. Use a laxative if necessary, since constipation is a common side-effect of this diet.

15. Be creative with spices when you cook.

16. By using club soda and Stevia, you can create your own carbonated beverages.

17. Make a big pitcher of iced tea sweetened with Stevia and drink as much as you want all day long.

18. Try not to focus solely on weight as a barometer for success. Body fat loss and inches off your waist are also measures of progress.

19. If you enjoy eating starches, gradually reduce your starch intake before starting the diet.

20. Minimize your salt intake to prevent water retention.

21. Use sauces to season your food, and don’t forget to use them on vegetables too.

22. If possible, go on the HCG diet with a friend. It’ll be easier to stay on track because you’ll be able to keep each other motivated.

23. Use an indoor grill to cook your food without using oil.

24. The first two days are used to boost your metabolism, so load up during those days.

25. Come up with simple dessert ideas using your fruit servings.

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