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Emily Lost over 45 lbs on the HCG Diet!

Before starting my first round of HCG I weighed close to 180 lbs. After Finishing my last round I have easily been able to maintain a weight of 125 and I owe it all to HCG drops.

I had tried multiple diets before being introduced to HCG with little or no results leaving me unmotivated. With HCG drops the results were consistent, noticeable and fast with an average loss of 1 lb a day.
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I was skeptical of the HCG diet at first due to prior diet failures but after researching It and talking to others who had tried it I was 100% convinced. The main factor which makes the HCG diet stand out from all the rest, is that it is the only diet where fat cells are completely expelled from your body. In all other methods of losing weight, the fat cell can only shirk and lay dormant in your body, resulting in unwanted excess skin and making it very easy to put on weight again. Another amazing outcome of undergoing the HGC diet is that it evenly distributes your fat cells all over your body, making it ideal for people with disproportionate body shapes.
I started with a 30 day supply and lost 28 lbs in 35 days, (so including 5 days after the diet) which I continued to lose about a pound every other day. I took about a week break while continuing eating only HCG approved foods, but kept my calorie intake to 1500 calories. I started the second round and lost 32 more pounds in 35 days, reaching my goal weight of 125. The great thing about HCG is it taught me portion control and about limiting my daily sugar and carb intake. In an effort to get into a healthier lifestyle I took up yoga after the diet and now I am in the best shape of my life! Click Here To Find Out More

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HCG Diet Information


Hello and welcome HCGdiet information.net! Your #1 source in finding all the HCG diet information you will ever need. Beginning the HCG Diet is the start to your new life, and having the precise HCG diet information is imperative to your sucess! I know you may be skeptical right now but after reading through the site you will understand why HCG hormone helps to burn fat and make you lose those dreaded pounds and inches! You will also learn how the HCG protocol was developed! Best of all you will understand why sticking with the HCG diet plan will enable you to permanently lose those troublesome lbs you have been carrying around with you for years now! HCG is not a trick, it is not fad, or even a phase.

It is a proven diet method and the fantastic results seen around the world are your living proof. Inside we offer you the finest source of HCG diet information we can with our exclusive HCG guide to help you stay focused and on track! On top of that we offer the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook to help you eat fantastic foods along the way. Dieting doesn’t have to be miserable and the foods you will make with this cookbook are quite simply delicious! Welcome!

More HCG Diet Information

When the HCG diet protocol was devised fifty years ago it called for some specific and very limited nutritional options that resulted in a daily consumption of five hundred calories. The discovery of the weight loss value inherent in HCG and the original diet were the work of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Today there are several HCG diet plans that provide the same results and still remain within the strictures of Dr. Simeons’ original concept.

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That concept essentially coupled a strict daily diet with daily injections of the HCG hormone, a natural substance produced by pregnant women that functions to protect and nourish the placenta. Dr. Simeons found that the same hormone also acts to control a function of the diencephalon, which can cause the accumulation of unwanted fat in the body leading to obesity. The diencephalon is a portion of the brain which contains several glands including the hypothalamus, which is where the dysfunction leading to fat accumulation occurs.

Combining Diet and Hormone

The original HCG diet plan called for the consumption of one hundred grams of protein twice daily, and a small fruit or four to six berries twice daily as well. To that is added two servings of vegetables and a salad, none of which may have any sort of sauce, dressing or other additive. This was the original diet model, designed to be accompanied by daily injections of small amounts of the HCG hormone. The HCG diet is to be followed for a period of four to six weeks.

People have been known to do the HCG diet for as little as 30 days and lose 20-30lbs! TRUTH!

after which the dieter takes a three week break without using the hormone and with relatively relaxed eating options with the exception of sugars and starches which are not allowed. Another six week cycle then begins, with daily use of HCG. Another three week break follows and yet a third cycle then begins – and the pattern is to continue until all of the weight loss is completed.

The HCG Diet Cycle

According to Dr. Simeons’ book on the HCG diet protocol, forty injections of the hormone are about the maximum effective use because thereafter patients begin to show signs of immunity to its effects. Hence the break between phases is introduced in order to allow the body to readjust to normal consumption patterns and glandular functions. There are specific instructions as to cooking and what types of vegetables are to be consumed. Water, tea, coffee and mineral water are the only beverages allowed in the original protocol, but it is recommended that at least two liters of liquid be consumer per day. The severely limited diet acting in concert with the effects of HCG creates the HCG diet plan, divided into six week cycles that are designed for maximum effect.

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